Some pictures ;)

Hallo everyone :D I've just found a place where i can use my own computer! yay :D so now i can poste some pictures aswell :D

The past week i've been on a trip to london (sightseeing by foot!) and shoping A LOT! Primark for ever ;) and working on out play :D Things really seem to come together now! I am playing the snow queen! :D

If I havent mentioned it before our play is named H.C Andersens's magical tales ! :D hiihihihihihihi I am eeeeviiiiil xD

We also spent a few houres in Bath :D that was nice :D

Here u've got a few pictures from my trip so far ;D

Some of Harry Potter was recorded here :O ;)

Me and a cute guy from Harry Potter! He was so nice! Met him when we went to see Anthony and Cleopatra :D

Thank you Barbara for taking this picture :D

This is where they got the insperation to make the big hall in Harry potter

...Yeah i know, it's a lot of harry potter now! I promisse to showyou something else ;)

Do u recognize this stairs? YUPP THAT'S RIGHT! HARRY POTTER ;)

Ok next picture is not Harry Potter!

See! Not Harry Potter :D This picture was taken right before the sun went down and I were eating icecream with my friends in the city ;D

I am going to poste more pictures later <3



Now at the summeranza
It is amazing!
Kesha concert in a while!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaay
Will Write more when i get Internet back in Oxford!!


In Oxford now!

Hallo everyone!

As u know i`ve been in Oxford for quite a while now (soon it`s a weel) I`ve met loads of new people and that has been great!

The reason i haven`t blogged in quite a while is because EF does not let us use the campus internett! I don`t wana complane, but i do find it a tiny winy bit irritating :$

This is what i`ve beenb up to:

Day one: Started early in the morning and took the plane to Oslo. Then we met the others and took the plane to England! After that we went by bus for a few houres and arrived in Oxford at about 6pm. At night (after we had been given a room) We were taken to dinner and then we were surposed to go to a party. But it was raining and no one told us we had to take the bus and bring mones so after a bit of complaning (sorry, but we really did xD) we went back to campus and fell alseep right away. (Thank you leaders for letting us relax at that time :) )

Day 2: We had classes and met our leader at the reseption of campus :D And together we walked to our first classes: ACTING<3 And met our teacher! He is really great and funny! Could not have asked for a betther teacher. After some games to get to know each other, we walked to english class! Also in english class we have a nice teacher. The first lesson was name games! You know ... to get to know each other! :D At night we want around campus and located a few stores and a local pub.

Day 3: We had classes in acting and english, it was loads of fun! we did some improvising and games aswell :)

At night we went partying at campus, and we to see the centre of Oxford aswell :)

Day 4: Classes and we got the sctipt for our play! We also got somthing named EF passport, wich it find cool ^^

At night we went out eating spring rolls;

Day 5: We spent the day in london! we saw: Big ben, Buckingham palace and had lunch in the park. We also went by picadelly circus and m&m world hehe, wich is one of Londons moste poppular sights (kidding)(We did not go in there) At night we celebrated a girl from Norways birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIDA! It was great and we stayed up late talking to each other and eating cake :P

Day 6(today): Today our leaders let us do what ever we want, so I slept untill 11am and watched a movie! then i went to the city. First i went to starbucks and spent 5pounds on a starbucks card ... then i sat for 1 houre trying to make it work, but it did not, so i gave up and went to this internett cafe instead :) tonight i`m going to a party! can`t wait!!!!!!

I`m sorry i havent posted any pictures yet, but i have them on my laptop and i`m not using it right now!



I am so excited! I can't wait to go to Oxford!

But my only problem is: I havent slept all night and it's not long b4 i'm gonna wake up to get to the airport :-(

I feel tired and grumpy and excited all at ones :P

Sitting on the computer propably wont help, but there is notthing else to do really :P

My next poste is going to b in Oxford :D Imagine that! :O

Thank you for comments <3


I'm leaving tomorrow :D

WOW the days have gone by so fast! I am actually leaving tomorrow!

Soon gonna finish packing and get some sleep! (HAH like that's gonna happen!)

I also have a weird craving for hot choclate :P So i guess i'm gonna make myself one xD

My mum and grandma is freaking out , but that's what they're surposed to do right?! :) Just a way of showing that they love me i guess <3 so love u too <3

I am sure this is going to be the best summer ever :D

I'll keep writing <3


Maritne <3


Hey everyone! thank you for so many nice comments <3

Now that it's only 3 days left, my nervs are starting to kick in! 3 weeks away from home and my friends!

But then again i'm with my EF girls and guys!

I am not saying i'm not gonna miss my friends here in Norway, cause I will!

BUT I know i'm not going to be lonley for one moment in Oxford :D

Hihi and as usuall the shopping addict (moooi) have been shoping again!

I bought:

This cute little dress<3 I fell inlove with it and just HAD TO HAVE IT!

hihihi so I convinced mumto buy it for me :P


And then i bought:

This T shirt <3

My face looked horrible in this picture so i thought i'd just cut it away basically ;-P

I also bought 2 bras but me in my underwear is not particularly hot xD

So i'm not going to poste any pictures of that ...

Have a nice day everyone <3<3<3

Martine xxx

5 days left :D

Now that it's 5 days left, I need to start making a list of what to bring!

And since I know there is loads of other boys ang firls out there doing the same,...

I'm gonna poste it here to see if it's any help :)

I'll propably add things to it as i remember more ;-)

  • Toothbrush
  • Toiletry
  • Make up
  • Long sleeved sweater
  • Tops
  • T shirts
  • Jeans
  • Shorts
  • Skrits
  • Tights
  • Towles for bathing
  • Shoes forevery possibleoccasion ;-)
  • And to all poor girls out there: A little something something for our period -.-
  • Hairdryer
  • Parfume
  • Panties
  • Bra
  • Socks
  • Books
  • DVD
  • Medicine

And then there is the hand luggage...

  • Computer (?)
  • pillow <3
  • MONEY!!!
  • ticket
  • passport
  • All ur jalous friends that wants to go with u ;) (bcause ur suitcase is full ;) )
  • Book
  • DVD (?)

Hope this is helping <3

Martine :D

6 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!

wow! the time is passing faster then i can keep track of! Now it's only 6 days left !

How did the days pass this fast? I have no idea!

I think it's time to start writing a list of what to bring :D I'll propably poste it here later :D

Can't wait!


Martine :D

9 days left :D

I can't belive it's only 9 days left!

This is going to be life changing i just know it!

And i can't helpdancing around like a little girl trying to figure what to bring and what to leave at home!

Why can't everyone have a bag like Hermione in Harry Potter ;-) So i could bring everything I wish!

Sadly i don't have such thing sooooooooo my dog, my hourse, some of my clotes and loads of other stuff can't come with me :'(

Still think it's gonna be the best summer ever!

3 weeks alone with my new friends


Martine :D

12 days left!

Ok 13 days left now! And today was the last day of school! AMAZING!

U can only guess what I did right after school today!

Oh that's right! I went shopping ;-)

eeeeeeh i think i gave my blogg the wrong name!

It should have been: A shoppoholic's confesions LOL

I bought 4 T shirts and 1 dress! I just HAD TO poste the dress!!!

sorry ppl, but what can I do?

And to u EF girls out there: U need to babysitt me in Oxfordstreet or i'll buy everything i see! NOT JOKING! ;-)

Here is the dress :D

Store: Frequent I payed:150kr ( ca. 15?) 50% off ;) Normal price: 300kr (about 30?)

ones again thank u for reading my blogg <3

Martine xoxo

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